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Hearing Aid

Auditory Verbal Therapy

If you or your child have recently been implanted with a cochlear implant or fitted for hearing aids and require assistance learning to listen with the new hearing or training for speech and language development, come see us for auditory verbal training. We provide resources for hard-of-hearing individuals and provide therapy and tips to help maximize your listening potential and speech and language production. 

What to expect during your visit:

A Speech Therapist will first gather a history of the individual’s experience of hearing loss as well as an understanding of their current use of hearing aids or cochlear implants. They will then determine the person’s ability to hear a range of frequencies (e.g. high pitch, low pitch). Finally, the therapist will assess how well the person can tell the difference between words that sound the same except for one difference (e.g. “bat” and “mat”; “fire” and “file”).


For older individuals, we will look into ways to make work life or social situations easier with the new hearing technology.


For younger children, we may assess their speech and language level to help them continue to develop their communication skills with their enhanced hearing.

Are you interested in booking our services?

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