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Stuttering or dysfluency is not just one aspect of a person's life, it can take over their whole life and every action or word they intend to say. We provide stuttering treatment therapy from a holistic approach which starts with information on stuttering, training on strategies to reduce moments of stuttering, discussion of related anxiety and stress in a comfortable and supportive environment, and other activities to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle to reduce stuttering. Discover the ability to use trained techniques to achieve fluent speech and a balanced lifestyle!

What to expect during your visit:

A stuttering assessment starts with the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) asking questions about the client’s history of stuttering and how it currently impacts their client’s life. 

If the client is a teen or an adult, the SLP will ask them to read a passage, talk on the phone to a stranger (in a safe environment), and have a casual conversation while the SLP analyzes their speech and fluency. The individual will also receive an online questionnaire prior to the assessment where they will answer questions about the psychological impact of stuttering on their life.

If the client is a child, the SLP will play a game and talk to them casually while analyzing their speech and fluency. The SLP will also ask the child a few questions to better understand the psychological impact of stuttering on their life.

The SLP will then write up their analysis in a report. Therapy is recommended once a week for 7-10 sessions on average, depending on the level of stuttering. In therapy, everyone will learn strategies to overcome moments of stuttering like deep breath, gently saying words, and blending words together. For teens and adults, they will also be provided with workshops to address psychological aspects like avoidance and confidence. 

Some individuals may come back for 1-2 refresher sessions in a few months or a few years. 

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