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Working to make therapy accessible for all

Click on one of the buttons below for more information about the resources available:

Public Services



  •  Early Abilities (for children younger than 6 years old living in Greater Toronto Area) - You can add yourself to the waitlist for public speech therapy, and access private services through us while you wait (current waitlist averages 8 months)

Adults: (programs have minimal waitlists)

St. Catharines:


Niagara Children’s Centre (Speech Therapy, OT)

Referrals: Families, physicians, and professionals can make referrals by completing an online referral form 

  • Preschool Speech and Language Program - provides assessment and intervention for children who require speech and language intervention 

  • Occupational Therapy for children


EarlyON Child and Family Centres (Literacy, Child Care)

Referrals: No referral required

  • Provides free drop-in programs for children from birth to six years of age


Pathstone Mental Health (Psychology)

Referrals: No referral required

  • Walk-in clinic for mental health services (in-person, online, and phone call options)



Niagara Health (Speech Therapy)

Referrals: Medical referral required for all adult services

  • Swallowing Clinics - includes diagnostic assessment and treatment for adults

  • Outpatient Communication/Cognitive Communications - provides assessment and treatment for adults 

  • Occupational Therapy for adults


Hotel Dieu Shaver (Speech Therapy)

  • Rehabilitation hospital with outpatient AAC clinic for adults



Children’s Treatment Centre (Speech Therapy, OT)

Referrals: Must be referred by a physician or nurse practitioner

  • PATH (ages 24mo - 4yrs) - for children with motor and communication delays; parents must submit an application for this program and a meeting will be held to review all potential candidates (limited spots available)

  • SPOT (Speech, Physio, Occupational Therapy) - provides assessment, consultation, and programming for children having physically based difficulties

  • Assistive Communications Clinic, AAC (ages 0 - 21yrs) - provides assessment, consultation, and intervention and training to assist clients in developing functional face to face and written communication

Wordplay (Speech Therapy)

Referrals: Can be referred by family or agency/professional 

  • Preschool Speech and Language Services Sudbury Manitoulin (ages birth - Pre-K) - provides a full range of accessible speech and language services till the time the child starts school


Child + Youth Mental Health Services (Psychology)

Referrals: No referral required

  • MindSPACE Sudbury (children and youth under 18) - offer free and confidential mental health services without an appointment (sessions are typically an hour long, accessible whenever you need)



North East Local Health Integration Network (Speech Therapy, OT, Psychology)

  • Public community care with Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Social Workers

Public Services



The Carson Foundation

  • Provide funding to individuals with special needs with NO RESTRICTION

  • Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD), Ministry of Community and Social Service

    • Helps parents with some of the extra costs of caring for a child who has a severe disability

    • Parents can receive between $25-$500

  • Qualifications:

    • Child must be under 18


Disability Tax Credit

SMILE Canada

Northern Health Travel Grants

Physical Disability

Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation

  • Qualifications:

    • Must be 18 or younger

    • Both child and parent must be Canadian Citizens or PRs

    • Gross annual household income below $65000 (Exception to income only if there is more than one child with special needs in the family)

    • Must be diagnosed with serious illness or permanent disability by Canadian Medical Practitioner 

    • Family must have used up all other financial resources available to them (including government funding and funding from service agencies/non-profit organizations)

    • Not own more than one property or home

  • FAQ: 


March of Dimes

  • Can receive up to $15000 for home modifications, $15000 every 10 years for vehicle modifications

  • Qualifications:

    • Permanent Ontario resident

    • Have an ongoing or recurring disability

    • Disability/impairment impedes mobility

  • Also offers Aphasia Services, Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury Services, and Assistive Devices Program

Communications Disorders Assistant

If you do not meet any of the funding criteria but still require assistance, consider working with a Communication Disorders Assistant. They hold a graduate certificate in communication disorders and work under the supervision of a Speech Language Pathologist. They offer relevant skills and are available at a different rate. Please ask us if this is something you are interested in and we can talk. 



Give the gift of speech

Interested in funding speech therapy for a child or adult that needs it?

We always try to plan with families to find a solution that works, but sometimes we have limited options. When a donor like you steps in, the solution is simple! 100% of donations go directly to those who need it for speech therapy services. Head to our store page to donate a preset amount, or talk to us if you are interested in donating. 

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