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If your child is having difficulty telling you about their day, they may have a difficulty with narrative skills. Or maybe they're speaking in shorter sentences or using verb tenses and grammar incorrectly, causing others to have difficulty understanding them. This can lead to difficulties in making friends or understanding/explaining important things. Through Speech Therapy, we can help those who have difficulty understanding more complex language or organizing their thoughts speak more clearly.

What to expect during your visit:

For assessments for children that are preschool age, please refer to our preschool services.


For school aged children, teens and young adults, an assessment can be informal or formal. 


Formal assessments use standardized tests that provide us with scores to compare to the norms of same-age peers. These assessments include showing the client a set of pictures and asking them to answer related questions to assess areas like vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, narrative skills and more. This assessment can take two sessions, after which a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) will write a report with the test results and recommended goals to work on. 


If a formal test is not required, the SLP can still assess language informally by asking specific questions during play, book reading or casual conversation if the client is older to help us assess the same areas as a formal assessment. The SLP will then write a complete report with an analysis of the language areas and indicate if there are any delays that should be worked on in speech therapy. 


Therapy sessions will focus on teaching the client how to learn their individual language goals from their assessment. This could be during play for younger children or with age-appropriate positive reinforcement for older children and young adults.

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