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If you or your child are experiencing difficulties with reading (dyslexia) or writing, we can help! Once an assessment has been conducted, your Speech Language Pathologist will identify the sub-areas of reading and/or writing that are difficult (i.e. decoding, fluency, organization of thoughts, punctuation, reading comprehension, etc.). Based on this assessment, your Speech Language Pathologist will create an effective and personalized treatment plan that works towards developing stronger reading and writing skills to begin using and understanding language with ease. An Occupational Therapist can also help with letter formation if required.

What to expect during your visit:

An assessment will include analyzing the client’s ability to recognize and make rhymes, identify the sounds in words and manipulate them, knowledge of letter-sound relationships, blending letters to sound out words (decoding), sight-word reading level, and fluency. A further analysis can also look into writing, including letter formation, punctuation, spacing, capitals, and reading comprehension. 

An assessment session takes 2 sessions. Therapy is typically recommended twice a week, with homework practice provided. However, the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) will work with the client’s availability to help them however they can. 

To further assist those experience dyslexia, the SLP will use evidence-based strategies such as explicit instruction of sounds and rules, repetition and practice, oral and written practice, tactile and sensory cues, and emotional motivation and support.

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