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Accent Modification

An accent should not be a source of embarrassment. An accent relays that you speak another language fluently and have multilingual talents. However, sometimes an accent can hinder your ability to be understood or can be perceived as a negative language ability. We do not believe that is the case, but we understand that having clearer English production can make someone feel more at ease or be understood more easily. We provide assessments and accent modification treatment plans for interested individuals. 

What to expect during your visit:

Your Speech Therapist will start by having you read a list of words, then a paragraph, and then participate in a casual conversation together. The Speech Therapist will be recording your speech to analyze it later and compare it to the Canadian English pronunciation.


After this, the Speech Therapist will write a report commenting on your pronunciation of vowels and consonants, intonation patterns (e.g. rising pitch for questions), body language and word choice. The report will be personalized to you and will list goals to begin working on to modify your accent.

Are you interested in booking our services?

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